Core Memory Candles

Popcorn and sweets in the air on Main Street. A favorite resort lobby. The greenhouses of The Land. Not the tastes or places. The smells. The Disney smells that evoke feeling and memory with the power of our most ancient sense.


I’ve always looked for ways to bring that experience home – but, like everything that we bring into our personal space, I also wanted it to be beautiful and subtle. Like a secret that only we knew. A watercolor of Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. Framed patent application sketches of Doombuggies and the Peoplemover. And now, the Core Memory Candle collection. Buttery smooth waxes. Quietly burning wicks. Intoxicating scents. And a simple vessel that is lovely whether or not you love this magical place. A level of quality that honors the Disney scents that they capture. I love them with my whole heart and am so, so very happy to be able to offer them to you. Handcrafted by me for you under sunshine and fireworks. Made with love to feed your soul.
There are now five distinct ways to bring Core Memory scents home. My original black matte vessels and new white vessels with wooden lids each hold approximately 8 oz. of soy blend wax and burn for approximately 36 hours. My lidded tin vessels hold approximately 6 oz. of the same soy blend wax and burn for approximately 24 hours. My wax melts are a heaping 5 oz of 100% soy wax. My fragrance oils are 10 mL of nothing but the scents you know and love. And my fabric and mask sprays are a unique way to freshen your face mask, home, or car with a handful of our most beloved and inviting scents.


You can find a full list of the scents and their Disney inspiration right HERE.


Core Memory Candles and our other products are made by human hands in small batches. Orders ship as soon as the product is ready, and always within 5 business days of ordering unless otherwise noted. Free shipping is always available within the United States for orders of at least $30. Flat rates are available for other countries. If you don’t see a flat rate shipping option for your country when you input your address, please reach out to me via the contact page.


Contact me directly at Lisa@TheCastleRun.com with any questions, including for mass quantity and custom orders.


And last but definitely not least – candle safety is so important!! Please see the warnings and proper use instructions on each of my product listings, packing slips, and candles before purchasing or using any of my products.


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