Core Memory Candles

Popcorn and sweets in the air on Main Street. A favorite resort lobby. The greenhouses of The Land. Not the tastes or places. The smells. The Disney smells that evoke feeling and memory with the power of our most ancient sense.
I’ve always looked for ways to bring that experience home – but, like everything that we bring into our personal space, I also wanted it to be beautiful and subtle. Like a secret that only we knew. A watercolor of Disney’s Boardwalk Inn. Framed patent application sketches of Doombuggies and the Peoplemover. And now, the Core Memory Candle collection. Buttery smooth waxes. Quietly burning wicks. Intoxicating scents. And a simple, weighty vessel that is lovely whether or not you love this magical place. A level of quality that honors the Disney scents that they capture. I love them with my whole heart and am so, so very happy to be able to offer them to you. Handcrafted by me for you under sunshine and fireworks. Made with love to feed your soul.


Orders typically ship within 3-5 business days. 
All orders over $30 ship free with the code DISFIX30.
Contact me directly at Lisa@TheCastleRun.com for mass quantity and/or custom orders.


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