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A Different Kind of Park Experience

Never in a million years did I think terms like introvert and extrovert would play such a big role in my conversations with other fans of the Disney Parks. But with the unique experience that’s being offered these days, I’ve realized how very much they come into play – and how it’s more natural for some of us than others to enjoy these new sorts of Park days.

I’m a natural introvert. That doesn’t mean that I’m unable to function in a crowd – but it does mean that I tend to draw my energy from quiet time alone…unlike so many of my extroverted friends, who draw that same energy from social interactions.

The interesting thing is that these sorts of differences are also often impacting how much we enjoy the Parks these days. I walk into any Disney Park right now and am in all of my glory. The Parks are peaceful. The lines and crowds are nonexistent. And while it’s lovely to walk onto Flight of Passage or admire Disney’s mind blowing dedication to cleanliness or wander Fantasyland without dodging masses of people – that’s not at the heart of what I love about the Parks right now. Instead, it’s the space in the quiet moments. It’s the ability to take in the Parks without interruption. I’ve written before about the best places to stop and breathe throughout property – but the incredible thing about right now is that ALL of Walt Disney World is a place to stop and breathe.

That being said, I’ve gotten numerous emails and direct messages from guests who aren’t feeling the magic as much right now – and what it often boils down to, to their surprise as much as anyone’s, is the lack of crowds. Is it nice to walk onto almost any attraction in the Parks with no wait? Of course. Is not having to wade through mobs of people a lovely change of pace? Absolutely. But what some people are realizing right now is that, those perks aside, what they fed off of in the Parks was the crowds. The faces of families visiting for the first time. The little girls in princess gowns running down Main Street. It was the hustle and bustle and excitement of Parks overflowing with guests from around the world that made the magic real for them.

And I get that completely. It’s something that I notice…but because I’m a person that gravitates to quiet moments, it’s not impacting my complete enjoyment of the Parks in the same way.

And so while I understand the difference and know that this is to some extent “easy for me to say”…..I’m going to urge everyone with access to the Parks right now to try and switch their lens and drink in this perhaps once in a lifetime chance to enjoy Disney in this very different way. The masses will be back one day. Some period of time from now, God willing, we’ll all vaguely remember “that crazy year” when everything went more than a little wrong and the impact on the Parks was what we’re experiencing right now. The families from around the world will be back. The long queues will be back. The exhausted little princes and princesses will flood Main Street, U.S.A. again. And so, for now, accept this place for what it is. A quiet moment in time in the happiest place on earth.

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