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Cinderella Castle is Getting a Makeover!!

And it ain’t a birthday cake. (Praises……)

Disney Parks Blog has come forward with a major announcement this morning!! In honor of the reigning princess’s 70th anniversary, her iconic namesake, Cinderella Castle, is getting a most royal makeover. 

Take a look at this gorgeous concept art of what she’ll look like when she’s complete:

Disney©, courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

Work is going to start over the coming weeks and continue through summer – and, happily, it sounds like they’re going to try to keep the impact on daily park activities to a minimum, as “Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire” and “Happily Ever After” will continue to operate on schedule.

What are your thoughts? Is this a welcome change? Or are we better leaving the major park icons untouched? 

I for one and all for it. As Walt always said, the parks will never be complete. They will always evolve. And this feels like a change made to honor a beloved icon. She deserves a little love on her birthday, after all. 

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