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SOLD OUT IN SECONDS: Limited Edition Joe Rohde Adventurer Mickey Ear Hat Hits shopDisney

UPDATE: The ears went live shortly after 10 a.m. Eastern this morning and were gone in seconds. Apparently they were $78. I was among the people who never even saw the link go live despite constant refreshing before they were gone. Here’s the listing. You can add them to your cart but get the sold out message when you go to check out.

And shocker…they’re already on eBay.

Oh well.

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And they’re the first set of ears I’ve ever REALLY felt like I needed. Plus the hat style wouldn’t give me a headache like the headbands sometimes do. I love the steampunk look – and that the coordinates on them will lead you to Mount Everest and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Oh…and that they’re this guys:


UPDATE: They hit shopDisney at around 10 a.m. this morning and the price was $78. 

Have you splurged on anything from the shopDisney Designer Ears Collection yet? Do these tempt you as much as they tempt me??

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