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UPDATE: Annual Passholders Can Apply Free Dining Offer Ticket Cost to AP Renewal

Yesterday night, we discussed the Free Dining offer being extended to Walt Disney World guests affected by the park closures. You can find that article HERE

Because the offer included park tickets, many Annual Passholders felt a bit left out by the deal. But since yesterday, Disney has clarified to those inquiring that the cost of tickets purchased as a part of the offer can be applied to Annual Pass renewals.

Here is the text of the email being sent by Walt Disney World to those inquiring.

It is not yet clear whether a Passholder would need to be within their renewal period before the passes have been used in order to apply the cost in this way. We will update this post when we get clarification on that detail.

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Did you have a trip planned that was affected by park closure? If so, will you be looking into this offer?

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