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Beating the Heat in Disney World: Comfort and Beauty in the Happiest Place on Earth

If you’re like most (women), at some point in planning your Walt Disney World trip (or, in the case of a local, in planning to leave the house), it’s probably going to cross your mind that your beauty routine is going to have to stand up to the – hottest – place on earth. Even the most low maintenance of girls might want a family picture from her vacation where her hair isn’t frizzed beyond repair or her makeup melting off her face.

After vacationing here countless times – not to mention actually living here for just about a year, I’ve had the chance for some trial and error and have a little arsenal that gets the job done as simply as possible. As I was remembering recently just how lost I felt initially on the “pretty in humidity” front, I thought it might be worthwhile to share my tried and true favorites here. (Affiliate links included.)


Plenty of places are as humid as central Florida – heck we moved here from the DC area, which is easily just as bad – but you usually aren’t outside in it all day, much less trying to capture family memories in it. And it’s hard to want to be anywhere but behind the camera when you can practically feel your hair rising off your head in a cloud of frizz. As such, I’ve come to swear by….

This stuff is the real deal and puts everything else I’ve tried to shame. It’s pricey at brick & mortar shops at around $25 for each small bottle – but is miraculously available for a fraction of the cost – a 32 oz bottle of shampoo and a 32 oz bottle of conditioner for about $80 total – on Amazon at this link – https://amzn.to/2uAw5oc. (When I need to travel with it I just pump it into a travel bottle.) At this point I think I’ve tried every anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner out there and this one puts everything else to shame.

I’ve strayed from this a few times due to “emergencies” or convincing hair stylists…but I always come back. Nothing else keeps my hair in check like this does and a little goes a long way. Just a few spritzes right out of the shower and brush it through before you blow dry (if you blow dry at all). And this is another time that Amazon’s price beats everyone else out. The 10 oz bottle is currently just $25 at this link – https://amzn.to/2O6aDj6 – and will last you forever.


The key here is protecting your skin…and then picking stuff that won’t melt off and setting it. I’m not much (to say the least) for heavy makeup day to day, but my go to items are here:

If you do nothing else, protect your skin out there. You don’t want wrinkles (or much much worse) to be on your list of souvenirs. That said, it’s hard to find a facial sunscreen that doesn’t feel awful and clog your pores. Step in, Asian skincare. I don’t know how Bioré makes this stuff or why no one else has managed to do something similar, but what Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence lacks in economy of words it makes up for in everything else. Put it on and give it a minute to dry and it absorbs beautifully into an almost primer-like consistency. Like a…watery essence, if you will. In short, I love this stuff.

For body sunscreen I’m not that picky. I dig Sun Bum but if something else is on sale I grab it. We go through a lot of the stuff.

  • Makeup


Like I said, I keep it light and stick with things that stay put so I don’t have to bother with it during the day (or evening). My staples are Bare Minerals Bare Pro (shade 12, warm natural), Rimmel’s Provocalips (I have several but use Wish Upon a Berry most often), and Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (Taupe) or Powder Duo (Taupe). I also love NARS blush in Orgasm (it gives you a flush like…well… let’s just say it deserves its cult following), Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (Champagne Pop), and Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner (Trooper Black).

But none of that makeup matters if it’s not going to stay put. I do like to look put together – but I don’t want to worry about it at all once I’m out and about in the parks. Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray is far and away the best thing I’ve found to keep things in place from morning to night. I spritz my face with it in the morning when I’m finishing up and then hit it for a second with my hair dryer to dry it quickly. Then I’m off!!

That said, the Urban Decay stuff is definitely pricey and I do like having an inexpensive back up on hand. For the price, you cannot beat NYX’s Matte Finish Setting Spray. Same technique – light spray and hit it with the hairdryer – and you’re good to go. I really like this matte option to keep shine to a minimum on hot days.


Last but not least, there are a few things besides sunscreen that are great to have on hand to keep you comfortable at and below the neck on hot park days.

  • Dry Brushing – This is a little random, and not specific to heat, but I swear by dry brushing my skin below the neck a few times a week before a shower. I like to tell myself that losing the extra layer of dead skin cells keeps me that much cooler, and it makes your skin otherwise feel amazing. It’s great for circulation too. You don’t need anything fancy. Something like this brush from Amazon will do the job beautifully.
  • Cooling Towels – A good Chill Pal cooling towel is absolutely worth it’s weight in gold in the summer heat. When we were vacationing at Disney and so spending long hot uninterrupted days in the parks, these were an absolute necessity. If you are planning a trip here in the dead of summer, I beg you, bring cooling towels.
  • Misting Fans – You’ll save a mint if you bring your own over buying the ones in the parks. They are an absolute lifesaver and double as entertainment for the kids.
  • Neck Fans – I see more and more people out and about with these and they’re a little silly but also quite effective. If I was still in rope drop to close mode in the parks with the kids, I’d absolutely have a pile of these at my disposal.

And that, my beautiful friends, is the arsenal. On the comfort and beauty front, you now know pretty much everything that I use and do. Now get out there and take some family pictures that you’re actually in. 😉

When you have a moment, I want to know your favorites!! What are your go to beauty and self care items when you’re here in Florida or any other hot (and humid) location??



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    August 25, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    Great post! I love the hair tips, especially since with the extra humidity this summer my hair lasts about a minute ?

  • Reply
    Terri Stinson Daugherty
    August 26, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    This is awesome! I ordered 3 things and can’t wait for them to arrive! I had never even heard of the setting spray for my face or the dry brush. And very convenient that I can literally click on the item and it takes me right to my Amazon Prime account and two button pushes later and all the products are winging their way to me – and will be here by Tuesday. Easy!! You are da bomb lady!

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