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Disney Face Mask Policy Updated to Require Guests to Remain Stationary While Eating or Drinking

While I’ve been extremely impressed overall with the safety measures in place at Walt Disney World, I know one concern of guests is that others might take advantage of eating and drinking as a way to roam the parks or resorts, or Disney Springs, without a proper face covering. In parks like Epcot, with the opening of A Taste of Epcot (a sort of mini Food & Wine Festival), this has been a very legitimate concern. (Though, as I’ll write about more later, we were very impressed by guests’ conscientiousness about wearing masks during our visit there on opening day.)

Disney has addressed that concern with an update to its official policy on face masks, adding language asking that guests remain stationary while eating or drinking with masks removed.

This is just another example of Disney’s continued ability to approach these matters in a fluid way, addressing concerns real time that might not have been imagined when these rules were being put into place.

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And as always, stay safe and be kind, my friends.

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