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Disney World Looks to be Rolling Out Availability for Select Parks


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Annual Passholders can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to getting their spontaneous park visits back.

We’ve all seen the availability calendar for the coming months. There currently looks to be nothing available to us without a resort stay for the remainder of July into August. In fact, the first day it looks like we can visit any park but Epcot is Animal Kingdom on August 11th.

But…….Disney appears to be rolling out real time availability for certain parks and not updating the calendar. For example, while today has long been greyed out on the calendar, you can currently book Magic Kingdom and head over right now.

You can also book Magic Kingdom OR Animal Kingdom for tomorrow.

This is more or less what we’ve been hoping for as Annual Passholders – the continued ability to spontaneously visit the parks if reduced capacity spots haven’t been used by resort guests.

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Do you have an Annual Pass? Does this make you more likely to keep (and/or renew) it rather than request a refund??

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And as always, stay safe and be kind, my friends.

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