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Drink This: The 22 Most Iconic Drinks at Walt Disney World

Okay – we’ve talked top 10 quick service meals. But let’s get down to business and talk about the 22 adult beverages on Walt Disney World property that have earned names for themselves. The drinks that have become institutions. The icons of the Disney adult beverage world.

22. Pepper’s Ghost Abracadabar, Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

Abracadabar at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort is a magic and illusion themed spot with a menu loaded with unique cocktails. Pepper’s Ghost is a simple, smooth drink made with Ciroc Pineapple Vodka, Habanero Lime, and a sprinkling of freshly ground pepper – notable as much for its namesake as its ingredients, as it’s named after the illusion technique popularized by John Henry Pepper in the 1860s that is used in the Haunted Mansion’s ballroom to create the illusion of the dancing ghosts.

21. Once Upon a VineVarious resort gift shops

If you’ve ever purchased a bottle of wine at a gift shop in Walt Disney World to enjoy in your resort room, it’s probably been this one – and so this hits the list more for the number of vacation memories tied to it than anything else. It’s the wine with the perfect Walt Disney World name, and I’ve toasted with it on more than one occasion.

20. Seven Seas Lagoon The Wave, Disney’s Contemporary Resort

This fishbowl sized 24 ounce concoction is available at The Wave at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. A combination of Skyy Vodka, Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, soda water, agave, lime, pineapple, strawberry apple boboa, Swedish Fish, and “life preserver” peach gummy candies with a decorative glow cube, this is one of the few brightly colored drinks on property that manages not to be syrupy sweet – and you can fish for Swedish Fish in it with your straw while you enjoy it alone or with a friend.

19. Maple Old Fashioned Ale & Compass, Disney’s Yacht Club

The Ale & Compass Lounge is located just off the lobby of Disney’s Yacht Club resort, attached to the Ale & Compass Restaurant that took the place of Captain’s Grille as the casual table service restaurant at the resort. This lounge opens earlier than most Walt Disney World resort lounges and serves up a long list of proper drinks in a chill setting with an upscale feel. Our favorite among them is this Maple Old Fashioned, made with Jim Beam Black Extra-aged Bourbon, real maple syrup, orange juice, and Angostura Bitters.

18. Lapu Lapu – Tambu Lounge, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Not many drinks on Walt Disney World Property are quite as iconic at the Lapu Lapu at the Polynesian Village Resort’s Tambu Lounge. And it’s certainly the only drink served on property in an actual pineapple. Consisting of Myers’s Original Dark Rum and tropical fruit juices topped with a float of Goslings 151 Rum, it’s a serious drink in a Disney package and just about screams “Poly” with every sip.

17. Category 5Hurricane Hannah’s, Disney’s Beach Club Resort

No list of iconic beverages at Walt Disney World would be complete without a selection from Hurricane Hannah’s at Disney’s Beach Club. It’s the bar at the resort’s incredible Stormalong Bay sand bottomed pool – but it’s located outside of the pool’s fences so that you can walk up and enjoy a bite and a beverage as easily while strolling around Crescent Lake. Hurricane Hannah’s most popular cocktail is the aptly named and potent Category 5, made with Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, Crème de Banana, Peach Schnapps, orange and pineapple juice, and a splash of Grenadine with a float of Gosling’s 151 Rum.

16. Bee’s Knees The Polite Pig, Disney Springs

We’re huge fans of The Polite Pig around here. This new-ish quick service plus location at Disney Springs has a killer food menu and a drinks list that’s just as good. It’s the spot on property to get pretty much any bourbon your heart desires – but I’m personally a bigger fan of the mixed drinks, especially the Bee’s Knees made with London Dry Gin, honey and lemon and available by the pitcher or the glass.

15. Annapurna ZingTiffins & Nomad Lounge, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

It takes a special drink to welcome you into Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Tiffin’s Restaurant and the attached, wonderful Nomad Lounge have a list of worthy options. My personal favorite? The Annapurna Zing, made with Bombay Sapphire East Gin, passion fruit purée, mint, simple syrup, and lime juice and topped with ginger beer and that signature glowing lotus flower.

14. Grand Marnier or Citron Slush – Les Vins des Chefs de France at the France Pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase

There aren’t many drinks more iconically Disney than the slushes available at the Les Vins des Chefs de France booth outside of the France Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. Whether you go for the Grand Marnier Slush, made with Grand Marnier, Rum, Grey Goose, and Orange Juice, or the Citron Slush, made with Grey Goose Citron, Vodka & Lemonade, they are as delicious as they are refreshing on a hot Florida day.

13. FroséGeyser Point, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and many other locations

Speaking of refreshing… cue the rosé slushie. Or, as Walt Disney World likes to call it, the Frosé. You’ll find this bit of summertime bliss at so many spots on property these days – and for good reason. It’s the perfect grown up way to cool down on a hot day. My personal favorite place to enjoy one? On the water at Geyser Point at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – which will always be one of my favorite places on property to relax.

12. Buzzpop CocktailsPaddlefish, Disney Springs

And speaking of grown up ways to cool down on Walt Disney World property?? Here come the Buzzpop Cocktails, available at Paddlefish at Disney Springs. These things are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, pretty darned low calorie, and chock full of great ingredients. I’m partial to the mango passion fruit – full of mango, passionfruit, lemon, and pomegranite with a dose of premium rum. But I’m not at all opposed to the tequila spiked Blueberry Mojo, the premium white rum spiked tropical Caribbean Breeze, or the premium vodka laced Moscow Mule.

11. Proud Marys – Phins Bar at The Dolphin Resort

Shut. the. front. door. my friends. The Dolphin Resort’s Phins lobby bar calls these “brunch in a glass” for good reason. Available on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. as a part of Phins’ Sunday Sips, these over the top Bloody Marys pay tribute to each of the Swan and Dolphin’s incredible restaurants. Your choices include the Bluezoo-inspired Zoo Mary, the Il Mulino Trattoria-inspired Maria Italiana, the Shula’s-inspired Hail Mary, and the Kimono’s-inspired Dragon Mary. 

10. Blueberry LemonadeThe Boathouse, Disney Springs

If you looked through my Instagram, I strongly suspect that you’d find more pictures of the Boathouse’s Blueberry Lemonade than any other drink. And for good reason. It’s light and bright and lovely – and the water backdrop on the restaurant’s deck area just begs for photography. Made with Stoli Blueberry, Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka, homemade lemonade, and fresh blueberries, this drink is as easy going down as it is on the eyes.

9. Sweet Tea ShineChef Art Smith’s Homecomin’, Disney Springs

Very few drinks mean “I have arrived at Disney” to me more than Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’s Sweet Tea Shine. It’s so light and refreshing that you almost forget it’s an adult beverage. But don’t be mistaken – this sweet tea, and fresh-squeezed lemon concoction is also loaded with moonshine. So don’t share any with the kiddos while you’re all enjoying your fried chicken and hummingbird cake!!

8. The Bloody MaryPaddlefish, Disney Springs

Paddlefish has two spots on this list for good reason. I couldn’t leave out their Buzzpop Cocktails – but their Bloody Mary is the stuff that dreams are made of. Loaded with king crab, jumbo shrimp, candied Neuske bacon, peppers, and olives, it’s more than a mighty fine drink. It’s an appetizer in a glass.

7. Smoked TurkeyVarious resort lounges.

Sometimes I want a real drink – but not so real that it burns going down. And that’s where the Smoked Turkey comes in. Available at most resort lounges at Walt Disney World, this potent drink is almost too smooth. Made with Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, Red Stag Black Cherry Bourbon, Grenadine, Odwalla Lemonade, and a hint of hickory smoke, don’t let the sweet Luxardo Gourmet Marachino Cherry garnish fool you. This would qualify as a good, strong beverage even outside of World Disney World.

6. Spiked Dole WhipTamu Tamu Refreshments, Animal Kingdom

But at the end of the day, you ARE at Walt Disney World – and sometimes you just want a classic Disney dessert with an adult twist. Enter the rum-spiked Dole Whip, available at Tamu Tamu Refreshments at you enter Africa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Available with dark rum or coconut (I prefer the coconut) make sure you give it a good stir before you start drinking or else you’ll be sucking down the straight rum that’s waiting for you just under the Dole Whip in your cup.

5. Violet SakeThe Garden House, Japan Pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase

And while we’re talking lovely drinks, let’s not ever forget this gorgeous thing from The Garden House at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. Made with sake, purple pear, and lime juice and garnished with a color pop of freshly sliced lemon, you’ll be doing a photo shoot with this drink before you enjoy it. But don’t be fooled by its pretty face – it tastes just as good as it looks.

4. Rose Gold MargaritaThe Barefoot Pool Bar, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Say what you will about the rose gold craze, this drink, created by a bartender at the Barefoot Pool Bar at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, is delicious. I treated my mom to one of these beauties awhile back and she still daydreams about it and insists on heading back to enjoy one every time she’s in town. Made with Lunazul Reposado Tequila with mango, guava and ginger and topped off with a gold sugar rim, it’s a rose gold-craze inspired drink that’s rightfully stood the test of time even more than those crazy rose gold ears that used to be so hard to find.

3. Avocado MargaritaLa Cava Del Tequila & La Hacienda de San Angel, Mexico Pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase

We’re in the top 3 now, and things are getting serious. When I first thought to write this list, this was probably the first drink that I knew needed to be on it. The incredible, iconic, too good to pass up avocado margarita – available at La Cava Del Tequila inside the Mexico Pavilion and also at La Hacienda de San Angel table service restaurant just across the promenade overlooking World Showcase Lagoon. Made with tequila, melon liqueur, fresh avocado, agave nectar, and fresh lime juice, and served frozen with a hibiscus salt rim, it is easily one of the drinks that I most associate with adulting in Walt Disney World.

2. ShöfferhoferGermany Pavilion at Epcot’s World Showcase and other locations

If you don’t know why a beer made it to near the top of this list, then you’ve never had a Shöfferhofer. It is my go to drink in Walt Disney World – once available only at the Germany pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase but now available in countless other locations, it still tastes best on a hot day in Epcot while you watch your kids ogle the massive Germany pavilion train display. And rest assured, you don’t need to be a beer fan or a grapefruit fan to love this stuff. I am neither and it is one of my favorite things on property. It is my universal easy-to-enjoy drink recommendation for pretty much anyone visiting the parks or resorts of Walt Disney World.

1. NautilusTrader Sam’s Grog Grotto, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

There are icons, and there are ICONS. It might not be an everyday drink. It might not be a drink best enjoyed without friends. It might not be the thing that I get most often on property – by a long shot. But when it comes to drinks that scream Disney, the Nautilus from Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is the be all end all. Made with Barbancourt Pango Rhum, Appleton Estate Reserve Rum, Combier Crème de Pêche de Vigne Liqueur, tropical juices, and Falernum and served in a souvenir Nautilus “glass” that looks more like sculpture (or a planter) the Nautilus is up there with Space Mountain on my list of must have Disney experiences for the over 21 set.

* * * * * * * *

I’d be lying if I said that this list, even at 22 entries, wasn’t hard to narrow down. So now I ask you – what is YOUR favorite drink on Walt Disney World property? And what else do you think I should have included on this list??

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