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Eat This: Africa at Food & Wine 2019

You can find all of the F&W menu boards as well as links to the ones I’ve reviewed so far right HERE.

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The Africa booth at Food and Wine 2019 is in the Africa Outpost area of World Showcase, near the drums. It has three food items this year – all savory.

  • Kenyan Coffee Barbecue Beef Tenderloin with Sweet Potato and Corn Mealie Pap and Kachumbari Slaw (DDP snack credit eligible) ($5.75)

This is so, so good. Definitely my #1 choice for this booth if you don’t need a vegan option and crazy value at $5.75. The beef is really well done and the slaw is nice and light and the sweet potato and corn meal cake that it’s on is wonderfully savory. Loved this dish.

  • Spicy Kenyan Vegan Githeri with White Beans, Pigeon Peas, Curry Rice Pilaf and Kachumbari Slaw (vegetarian, DDP snack credit eligible) ($4.50)

This is a lovely rare vegan option and another great value at $4.50. The curry is very, very mild and not overly heavy, especially with the fresh slaw on top. The beef might have been my favorite but this is a great dish too – especially if you’re in need of a meat-free choice.

  • Piri Piri Skewered Shrimp with Citrus-scented Couscous (DDP snack credit eligible) ($6.75)

This was fine but, compared to the other two options, a bit more forgettable. The shrimp were good enough but honestly nothing to write home about and the cous cous was a bit more sour than light citrus. It’s okay but the other two dishes were so much better.

I might be back…but for now?

Africa? Check!!

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