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Eat This: Breakfast at Woody’s Lunchbox in Toy Story Land

Yesterday, in the name of research, I ran over to Woody’s Lunch Box in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and ordered the entire breakfast menu. Alone.

You’re welcome.

The later day offerings at Woody’s Lunchbox are great too – but I was admittedly more excited about breakfast when I saw the preliminary menus. Not because it necessarily looked better (both menus are great) but because the parks themselves are usually pretty lacking in solid quick service breakfast options. I can’t tell you how many times I rope dropped Magic Kingdom when we were coming here on vacation only to wander around wondering how in the world no quick service locations were open for breakfast other than the bakery with its crazy lines and the Cheshire Cafe with its pre-packaged muffins. So any prospect of a solid (hot!) quick service breakfast inside park gates is exciting.

For starters, note that I mobile ordered everything that I’m about to talk about. If you’re new to mobile ordering, it’s basically the best thing since sliced Mickey pretzels (which don’t really exist so the saying sort of loses its meaning, but you get my drift) – especially if you’re a park goer traveling with young children in tow or anything else that makes waiting in long, dull lines unappetizing. When you make use of mobile ordering, you can put your order together and pay for it with your linked card at any time at all that day. Yes, this includes in your hotel room in the morning when your children are contained and you have a minute to breathe. Then, whenever you are ready to eat, you click “Prepare My Order” in the Disney app on your phone and you’ll get an alert when it’s ready – at which point you can walk straight to the mobile order pickup window at the relevant quick service location (try not to gloat to much at the people in line) and grab your tray.

In short, it is amazing.

As I said, my mobile order yesterday morning included everything on the breakfast menu. (Excepting the yogurt parfait, because I figured that didn’t exactly need a taste test and review.) I’ll note prices and descriptions below, too – but note of course that those (as well as the menu itself) is always subject to change.

  • Raspberry Lunch Box Tart ($3.29) coated in strawberry fondant and crispy pearls (qualifies as a snack)

You had me at crispy pearls, little tart. These little strawberry(?) flavored pearls show up on things all of the time around Disney and they are SO good. I dug this tart – and I hate pop tarts. (I refer to them affectionately as frosted cardboard.) The bread is more of a shortbread consistency and the filling and frosting aren’t overly sweet. It’s really good and huge for the price!! Two thumbs up.

  • Chocolate-Hazelnut Lunch Box Tart ($3.29) coated in maple fondant and candied bacon (qualifies as a snack)

Let me preface this by saying that I *worship* Nutella. I cannot keep it in the house because I just eat it out of the jar with a spoon like an animal (that can use a spoon). But you know what Nutella doesn’t need? Maple fondant. This thing is SO sweet. And the bacon – which is what makes it sound interesting on paper – is barely there. The first bite is delicious and then it goes straight to you brain with the sugar. I’m not saying it doesn’t taste good. Just that it can probably be shared amongst several people. Still a good value though at only $3.29.

  • Breakfast Bowl ($8.49) – Potato barrels smothered in brisket country gravy (and topped with egg and green onion – though the description doesn’t mention that)

Omg you guys. This is everything. Warm little tater tots covered in country gravy and topped with scrambled eggs and green onions. Don’t get me wrong – it’s nothing fancy. But it’s a hot breakfast at a walk-up park QS location and it’s hearty and delicious. Woody’s Lunchbox also has packets of Texas Pete hot sauce available and I highly recommend grabbing a few to kick this up a notch. I am all over this option and love that the parks seem to be going this way with heartier QS meal options.

  • S’more French Toast Sandwich ($7.99) served on grilled custard soaked brioche encrusted with graham cracker crumbs

This thing is the ying to the breakfast bowl’s yang. Obviously a less protein fortified option but it was surprisingly tasty. I was expecting a sweet overload but the thick cut bread, prepared almost like cinnamon toast meets French toast, cuts it and the s’more filling is thinly spread. It’s served warm and very good…not to mention obviously very kid-friendly.

  • Smoked Turkey Breakfast Sandwich ($7.49) served on grilled sourdough

This is a solid option too. Grilled sourdough with a healthy serving of eggs and turkey that actually tastes freshly cut and not processed. If it tastes a little bland, a bit of the Texas Pete will do that trick. Again, loved having a warm, hearty breakfast option that actually included a solid amount of protein.

All in all, I really can’t say enough good things about the breakfast options at Woody’s Lunch Box. I’m excited to see the parks going this way with quick service options. It’s nice to be able to sit and have a hot meal with your family when you’re in the park early, as, I don’t know about you, but pre-packaged muffins don’t do it for me.

And needless to say, take a long look around you while you’re sitting and eating your meal, because the theming at this location is out of this world.

And last but not least, make use of the free water available from Disney’s QS locations when you’re there!! Toy Story Land is amazing – but it’s hot as heck, especially this time of year, and offers very little in the way of cover other than in the queues. Stay safe and stay hydrated, my friends. And never stop feeding your inner toy. 🙂

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