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Eat This: Italy at Food & Wine 2019

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It’s a testament to Food & Wine that I can be this far into things and stumble upon a booth that takes my breath away. Because I was eating around the World with a group of friends yesterday and one of them had recently tried Italy and *insisted* that we all experience it.

The Italy booth is sort of outside of the Italy pavilion, but also sort of across from the miniature train village at the Germany pavilion. It has a whopping 5 food items – 3 savory and 2 sweet – and all of them are good. I tend to skip them for awhile because Italian food is the last thing I crave when it’s real feel 1000 degrees out – but this year that was a mistake.

  • Ravioli Carbonara: Parmesan and Pecorino Ravioli, Egg Yolk, Cream, and Bacon (DDP snack credit eligible) ($7.25)

Omgggggggg. Do NOT miss this. The description makes it sound like this is such a heavy, heavy dish but it’s so not. The ravioli taste like my great grandmother just hand made them at home (complete with knee highs rolled around her ankles….I miss you GG….) and the sauce is creamy but light as air. And the pancetta is to die for. This now hits my top 5. No question.

  • Costine di Maiale: Balsamic-glazed and Oven-roasted Pork Ribs (DDP snack credit eligible) ($8.00)

WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE??? Why does the Italy booth have some of the best ribs I’ve ever had?? This is a massive serving of perfection. The meat comes clean off the bone (as I learned is the goal – as opposed to “falling off”) and they’re glazed in balsamic that adds a burst of sweet complexity. I’m in love with these and can’t even process that they’re only 8 dollars.

  • Pollo: Crispy Chicken with Marinara Sauce (kid-approved and DDP snack credit eligible) ($6.00)

These basically taste like calamari if calamari was chicken. Or chicken parmesan if chicken parmesan had no parmesan. Truth told the breading on these is soft by the time it gets to you – nothing about them was crispy – but they are loaded with flavor and are a generous serving of white meat, especially for the price. Probably my least favorite savory item at this booth but that’s saying something because they’re still excellent. And if nothing else they’re a wonderful option for your kids while you binge on ravioli and ribs.

  • Traditional Sicilian Cannoli: Crisp Pastry filled with Sweet Ricotta, Chocolate, and Candied Orange (DDP snack credit eligible) ($4.25)

This is lovely. If you’re offput by the orange, I will say that it just adds the mildest level of complexity and I don’t know if I could have placed it if it wasn’t in the description. It’s otherwise just a perfect cannoli – and the perfect, fresh, just-crisp-enough state of the shell is that much more impressive when you consider that they are mass producing these things.

  • Chocolate-Hazelnut Cake: Vanilla Cake and Chocolate-Hazelnut Mascarpone Cream dipped in Chocolate (kid-approved and DDP snack credit eligible) ($4.25)

Despite its on-a-stick looks, this is not frozen. It’s just light layered cake with cream filling dipped in chocolate. I think you’d love this if you were more into chocolate than I am, as I got more chocolate out of it than hazelnut. A little rich for me but again that’s just a matter of personal preference.

  • Italian Margarita with Limoncello and Tequila ($10.00)

I somehow don’t have a picture of this but I didn’t want to close this out without mentioning the lovely limoncello margarita, which has been a favorite for the last few years. Definitely a refreshing way to cut the heat and richness if you’re looking for an adult drink to enjoy with your food.

No question I’ll be back. But for now? 

Italy? Check!



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