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Eat This: Thailand at Food & Wine 2019

You can find all of the F&W menu boards as well as links to the ones I’ve reviewed so far right HERE.

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You can find the Thailand booth at the top of World Showcase – near Disney Traders and the Islands of the Caribbean booth. This year they have three food items – all savory.

  • Marinated Chicken with Peanut Sauce and Stir-fried Vegetables (kid-approved, DDP snack credit eligible) ($5.00) 


I love a good peanut sauce and this one is done really well. I don’t think it will hit my top 10 for the festival, but it’s a solid dish if it’s what you’re craving.

  • Shrimp and Cold Noodle Salad (DDP snack credit eligible) ($5.25)

If you’re going to get just one thing from this booth, I’d make it this. The cold noodles are great on a hot day and overall it’s just a nice, light dish. In all honesty I don’t think I like it quite as much as the tradional fish cake that they did with these noodles last year, but that’s probably just personal preference – and I still liked this version a lot.

  • Red Hot Spicy Thai Curry Beef with Steamed Rice (DDP snack credit eligible) ($5.50)

This packed an impressive amount of heat for a Disney dish, so keep that in mind if you’re ordering it. Personally probably my least favorite of the three – mainly because I didn’t love the rice preparation – but that might have been a fluke on the day that I got it. Not bad at all – just not my favorite.

Not sure if I’ll be back since there are so many wonderful spots to enjoy this year – but in any event?

Thailand? Check!


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