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Gold Character Statues Appear Overnight at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World has slowly unveiled the Fab 50 characters that will have spots around Magic Kingdom during the 50th. Everyone from Tink to Rocket Raccoon to Mickey himself will have a spot in the park for the 18 month celebration. 

After the slow reveal of the list, we finally got to see the first of the characters take their places at Magic Kingdom overnight – and they are even lovelier than we’d imagined! 

Their spots all make sense. Lady and the Tramp are near Tony’s at the entrance to the park. Pooh and Piglet are near Crystal Palace. The Fab 5 are in the Hub surrounding the Partners statue (as they should be). 

I admittedly got a little choked up as I walked down Main Street, U.S.A. and around the hub this morning. Walt presiding over it all, holding hands with Mickey. 

I know he’s here in spirit…but I wish with all of my heart that he was here to walk down Main Street and see all that he’s created and inspired.

Will you be able to visit Walt Disney World during the 18 month 50th celebration??

Which of the Fab 50 means the most to you? 

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