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Happy 50th Anniversary to the Haunted Mansion!!

Happy 50th anniversary to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion!! If you find yourself on the east coast today, we’ll also be celebrating here in Walt Disney World with lots of merch. (Shocking, right?!?) It all becomes available at 7:45 this morning – and early access rides on WDW’s version of the attraction are said to be available at the same time!!


Memento Mori: You’ll of course want to hit Memento Mori, where you can find the new Host-A-Ghost interactive ghost jars collection, a commemorative ear hat, ornament, mug, magnet, and a toy replica of the doom buggy vehicle (NEED). Memento Mori will also offer an Alex and Ani bracelet, light up headband and other 50th anniversary apparel.


Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe: Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe will have a Haunted-Mansion inspired Dooney & Bourke collection including a tote and cross body bag, as well as a special Passholders’ satchel.


Frontier Trading Post: Here you’ll find a commemorative “day of” pin, mystery pin collection, and glow in the dark Madame Leota Funko Pop (for the 5 minutes they last….).  

Uptown Jewelers: A Pandora charm set is said to be available at Uptown Jewelers on August 8th & 9th.


Haunted Mansion Ice Cream Cart: Head here for the Host-A-Ghost chocolate cupcake made with a dark chocolate truffle filling, crispy pearls, buttercream icing, and a haunting milk chocolate decoration.

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Will you be celebrating with the 999 today???

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