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Magic Shots and Other PhotoPass Pictures Now Available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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Recently Disney Parks Blog wrote up their 10 favorite Magic Shots in Animal Kingdom and my response was, naturally, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

My husband was with me, so I told him that it was a “scavenger hunt”. That seemed to work.

Together we more or less got every PhotoPass Magic Shot available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom as of the date of this article. And I’m going to share them all (and more) with you here.

Outside Entrance – Near Ticketing Booths

Here you’ll find the usual family photo op outside of the big “Animal Kingdom” sign – along with a Magic Shot with Bambi, Thumper, and Flower. (I’m weirded out by how short I look in this picture but it’s still cute….)

Entering the Park in Front of the Tree of Life

There are quite a few Magic Shots available as you make your way down the main drag toward the Tree of Life, so it’s worth making a few PhotoPass photographer stops along the way if you have the time.

You’ll find this butterfly.

Not to mention these butterflies

And this swarm of colorful leaves for Pocahontas

And then as you get closer, of course, the usual frame shot

But do not leave until you’ve gotten that last, most special Magic Shot of all. Because it’s none other than KEVIN!!!

Pandora – The World of Avatar

Then wander over into Pandora – where every picture is magic, whether it’s a Magic Shot or not. Sometimes you’ll find a picture in front of the large, touch sensitive plant at the entrance:

They weren’t out there yesterday…so here’s a random shot of it from a runDisney race. :b

But either way, make your way in for some amazing photo opportunities.

Including this wonderful banshee Magic Shot!!


Then stroll on over to Africa. On your way there you might first grab a shot at this Lion King photo op:

Then head over to the overlook with a view of the Tree of Life for a few pictures. Including Magic Shots with Simba and Pumbaa:

And this one of the hyenas

And then for good measure stop at the PhotoPass photographer as you leave the Safari for this sign photo op:

As well as this cute postcard-style picture with the stats of a Baby Giraffe


Then wander over to Asia, where you won’t want to miss this rock wall:

Because it’s the only place that you’re going to be able to grab a picture with Kaa!!

Then make your way over to the area overlooking the Rivers of Light area for a gorgeous backdrop.

And a shivering Magic Shot overlooking the snow capped mountain….

Then head closer to Everest for another gorgeous backdrop…

A chance to mimic how you felt on the coaster…

And some more shivers and snow


Then head on over to Dinoland for a Magic Shot with everyone’s favorite ducklings…Huey, Dewie, and Louie!!

Huge shout out to CM Kylie for sticking around to take this for us!!

And grab this fun pic yourself before you go!!

Tree of Life

And then, last but not least, stop one more time on your way out at the Tree of Life for this fabulous Wilderness Explorer salute Magic Shot.

You guys know I love the PhotoPass perk of being an Annual Passholder – and appreciate so much that Disney is forever coming up with new Magic Shots to make collecting pictures that much more fun. 

* * * * * *

So now that you’ve seen the full rundown of what’s available at Animal Kingdom, which one are you most excited to get??

You can find my other Disney Park PhotoPass and Magic Shot guides at these links:


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