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My Kids…And The ‘Gram

I’m rarely the person who cracks news online. In part because I’m in the business of storytelling rather than getting the latest scoop. 

But also because my ability to run around is wholly determined by two little people who run my world and my heart. 

I realized this morning just how much you guys deserve a look into the world that produces the stories and pictures that I share and take. Into the incredible gratitude that I have for two little boys who never stop smiling no matter how much we run around collecting stories and pictures.

Over the last few days, Disney has been rolling out the Christmas decor at the deluxe resorts. The really. big. trees. that grace the biggest lobbies. Like many others, I’ve been gathering the pictures for all of you each day. You’ll find them on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I haven’t had the chance to be there at dawn because I can’t leave the boys and don’t want to drag them out of bed before sunrise when I can avoid it. But overnight last night my favorite tree went up. And I really wanted to be there early to capture it.

And so. Instead of letting my 6 year old dawdle around the house, I made sure he was up and ready to go when we took my older son to STEAM club. And after, instead of going home, we ran to Animal Kingdom Lodge together and I captured this shot.

It’s stunning. But it isn’t why I’m writing this post. I’m writing this post because I want you all to know that you have this guy to thank for it:


I was able to bring you the AKL tree this morning because this kid was willing to ride over there with me at 7am before school and smile and help while I climbed to the 5th floor bridge to get the perfect angle. And while we were up there, even though he was a little bit nervous about the height, he asked me to take these pictures of him showing it to all of you.

So if you enjoy my content at all. If you appreciate the lengths that we go to to bring you the parks when you cannot be here and to bring you the information that helps to make your trips better…please, please – when you see us out and about – thank my boys.

And that goes for the support system behind any content creator.

Because underneath shots like this…’

Are sometimes scenes like this…

And they never, ever complain.

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