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On Moving to Disney: A Typical Evening Four Years Later

If you ever wonder about moving here…. I give you our night tonight. My older son “graduated” from 5th grade today. They played at a neighbor friend’s for a bit, did some stuff at home – then we grabbed last minute passes to Epcot and ate at Rose and Crown. Walked out and stumbled on Meet the Robinsons playing on the lawn at Boardwalk and watched it for a bit. And then went home. We still have work and chores. People still get sick. We still have stress and bad days and arguments. But we do it all here and that feels more right than anything else ever has.

You can’t run from your problems. You can’t move to Neverland. You can’t fix anything that’s really wrong in your world by picking it up and moving it to the Happiest Place on Earth. But if this is the place that calls to you – if ANYWHERE or ANTHING but where you are is the thing or the place that calls to you – you have permission to be there. You don’t need it. But you’ve got it.

Sometimes all you need to get the ball rolling is to see that someone else has made it happen. That some sane person out there in the world did it and still has a normal life and that you can too. 

This wasn’t an easy move to make. It took a ton of work and planning and time to prepare – financially, emotionally, psychologically… but I would never in a million years take any of it back.

If you want to read move about our move to Walt Disney World, you can look here or here or here. Or better yet, listen to the two part show that we did with Lou over on WDW Radio.

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