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The Flight of Passage Picture

The first time I rode Flight of Passage, during a house building trip several years ago about 3 weeks after Pandora first opened – my friends looked at me expectantly after. I had no words. When I finally did cobble together a reaction, it was just this:

“It’s like Joy. It’s like if Joy was an attraction”

And to this day, Flight of Passage is, without question, the most wonderful attraction I’ve ever experienced. I urge visitors to Walt Disney World not to miss it every chance I get. I honestly, from the bottom of my heart, think that it’s the kind of thing that will change your entire trip. 

And not only do I recommend the attraction…I (to some – very large – extent) recommend trying to do it WITHOUT a FastPass…because the queue is almost as much of an experience as the ride itself. 

I’ve ridden it enough to be okay with looking around a bit when I’m on it. At the room behind me that shows how much you’re moving. At the people around me. (I *love* watching my kids on it. And the reactions of first timers…)

On Friday I was at Animal Kingdom with a friend doing some holiday decor reconnaissance (stay tuned for that later today) and we grabbed a FastPass for Flight of Passage. For the first time, I happened to be seated in the last seat of the top row and I looked around me and realized the view of not only the screen but of the PEOPLE from up there. And I realized what the wide angle on my iPhone 11 Pro could capture. 

The iPhone 11 Pro that was stored safely in the storage compartment of the wall behind me.

I was DYING.

So yesterday when I was back with my kids, we waited for that seat. Ended up in the first seat of the top row instead, but same idea – just from the other side. 

I took my iPhone this time and got to work while my kids experienced the attraction unaware.

And this is what I got.

I captured some amazing shots last night…but I’m going to say this: Don’t look around like this the first time you ride. Do not look up or down. Do not look behind you. Do not look at the people around you. Just stare straight ahead and get lost in it. Your mind is a powerful thing. It deserves to fly. 

I took this picture so you don’t have to. I took this picture so that you can do nothing but feel your banshee breathe and get lost in flight.



Thank you Joe Rohde, James Cameron, Jon Landau.

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