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The Heart of Disney Still Beats

The gates of all six Disney parks around the world might be closed during this time – but in so many ways we are seeing that their hearts still beat for all of us. 

We’ve already talked about the continuing lives of the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom here in Walt Disney World. Babies are still being born and their Cast Member caretakers are still there looking after them.

The Dapper Dans are still singing for us around the country.

But what about the quiet gestures that continue on in our absence? Disney is taking so many symbolic steps to signal to the world that there’s still life and magic inside its gates, even when we cannot be there in person to see it.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Bay Lake Tower may not be welcoming guests right now – but certain windows are still lit as a message to everyone driving by.

In Disneyland, the famous light in the window over the fire station, where Walt’s apartment is preserved, still never goes out. Rebecca Campbell, President of Disneyland Resort, shared this image of the still-shining light on her Instagram account.

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And here at the Magic Kingdom, every day the flag on Main Street, U.S.A. is raised and lowered by the Disney Security team still watching over the parks as essential Cast Members. They continue that tradition as a reminder never to forget the debt of gratitude that Americans owe to veterans and active-duty military service members around the world. 

Josh D’Amaro, president of the Walt Disney World Resort, shared this moving image of the ceremony on his official Instagram account.

His words sum up for all of us so perfectly what all of these quiet gestures mean. We are still here and we will not falter.

Be well, my friends.





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