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On Running a Business…Even If That Business is the Most Magical Place on Earth

As much as I generally choose to see the positive, and to be logical – as much as I understand to my very bones the reality of running a corporation and having to make tough choices…please know that I get it. I get how hard some of these changes are. I think back on my first Walt Disney World trip with my children so many years ago. Of their excitement when boarding the Magical Express with their little Magic Bands. Of their sweet voices telling the “Tragical Express” to “go away!” as it folded us into its familiar embrace to take us back to MCO when that trip was over…and this change hurts. I hate knowing that future families won’t have this option as much as I hate so many other practical changes that are taking place right now.

When things like this happen, it’s so easy for me to think about Walt. About how he spent the money that he “needed” to spend to create the experience that he needed to create and trusted that it would bring us back wanting more. As Walt famously said, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

I think of that. And I think of Alice Davis’ stories about creating It’s A Small World. When Walt asked her to design the children’s costumes, she asked what her budget for the project would be – to which Walt raised an eyebrow and replied, “We don’t think like that here. I want you to do whatever it takes to make these look like dolls every woman in the world would want to have.”

I think of those stories because they are Walt at his core and Walt Disney World feels like it should remain true to that.

But then…do you know what I think about next?

I think about Roy. And I remember that Walt Disney World would not exist…heck, NONE of Walt’s legacy would really exist…if it wasn’t for his older brother Roy. Ever practical. Ever managing the purse strings. Ever making the hard decisions and having the hard conversations to translate Walt’s whimsy into a practical thing that could come to exist in the real world.

I remember that, and I understand.

There will always be tough decisions. Times will always be changing and with that will come new ideas and also goodbyes. Layoffs and executive contracts and the taking away of things that we’ve had for so long that we cannot imagine life without them. 

Roy did what had to be done back then. And today there are new actors having to make the same difficult decisions. And in hindsight I hope we can all find ourselves as grateful to them as we are to him. 

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