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WandaVision Episode 7: The Nexus Commercial and Agatha Harkness


After winding our way through 50 or so years of female-targeted-advertising (and no shortage of Easter Eggs) we found ourselves where else but psychopharmaceuticals. 

And a very special psychopharmaceutical it was. 

Episode 7’s commercial was selling us Nexus – a drug aimed at what else but curing depression. And in a series full of “commercials” that we’ve always suspected were Wanda’s past creeping in on her perfect world, this one sort of hits the acceptance stage of grief. (See those side effects below….)

* * * * * * * * * * 

The episode as a whole saw Wanda spiraling out. Ranting to her kids about the meaninglessness of life and her total lack of answers. Time itself glitching around her.

The stork that she couldn’t magic away back in Episode 3 appears again – and then she’s back in the 4th-wall-breaking interview chair. Struggling, she says, “I don’t understand why this is happening… why it’s all falling apart… and why I can’t FIX it.”

And a deep voice from behind the camera that we later learn was Agatha says, “Do you think maybe this is what you deserve?”

She’s clearly very much taken aback and says she didn’t think “[the people behind the cameras] were supposed to talk?”

And right then, we cut to commercial.

“Feeling depressed? Like the world goes on without you? Do you just want to be left alone? Ask your doctor about Nexus. A unique antidepressant that acts to anchor you back to your reality or the reality of your choice. Side effects include feeling your feelings, confronting your truth, seizing your destiny, and possibly more depression. You should not take Nexus unless your doctor has cleared you to move on with your life. Nexus. Because the world doesn’t revolve around you. Or does it?”

Marvel.Fandom.Com explains this better than I could even pretend to understand it, so I’ll just quote them directly:  “Nexus Beings are rare individual entities with the ability to affect probability and thus the future, thereby altering the flow of the Universal Time Stream. These beings, each referred to as a nexus, act as the keystones of the Multiverse and are crucial to its ultimate coherence and stability.

Nexus Beings also have the potential to produce unbelievably powerful offspring, as it was mentioned that any born of the Scarlet Witch, nexus being of Reality 616, would be powerful enough to stand among the Great Forces of their Universe and rock the cosmos itself.” Remember, in reading this, the extent to which Agatha orchestrated the “for the children” mindset in Wanda that manifested the twins.

In the next scene of the show where we see Wanda, immediately before Monica bursts into her home, she’s taking these pills:



Color scheme look familiar? 


As soon as she takes them, Monica bursts into her home, Agnes leads Wanda away, and this guy that NOBODY CAN FIGURE OUT walks behind them with a mystery delivery. 

Cut to realizing that the twins are gone, followed by the big reveal (complete with the catchiest tune this side of Small World), and roll end credits – where Pietro rolls up on Monica and says “snoopers gonna snoop.”

This flow of events is broken up by scenes taking place elsewhere across the show – but taken together we start to understand what’s going on in Wanda’s head, how Agatha is causing it, and just to what end she might be doing what she’s doing. 

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