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All in the Details: The Home of B. Jones RFD #82

The world consists of two kinds of people. The ones who can hear and smell this picture right through the screen and the ones who have no idea what I’m talking about right now. Drop a comment below and let us know what side you fall on.

I know I’m not the only one who dreams about living in this house. The picture perfect front porch. The way the air suddenly goes dry as you transition from the rainforest to the desert landscape just before it. The barking dog and crowing roosters…

But how many of us have noticed the address of the person who lives here? B. Jones RFD #82. Never one to miss a chance to drop an Easter egg or two…#82 of course pays homage to the year that EPCOT Center opened: 1982. I’ve even heard that RFD, which stands for “Rural Free Delivery” – a service that began in the United States in the late 19th century to deliver mail directly to rural farm families, was also a play on the Reedy Creek Fire Department.

As for B. Jones…I imagine there’s a little of him or her in all of us.

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