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Feed the…Bees? The Repurposing of Disney’s Gingerbread Houses

What happens to Disney’s gingerbread houses once the holidays are over?

The Grand Floridian’s Iconic Gingerbread House

It’s that time of year…the holidays are ending and the beautiful decorations around Walt Disney World are slowly coming down – starting with its gingerbread houses.

Beach Club’s Working Gingerbread Carousel

I’ve written about them many times. Over the years more and more resorts and other Disney locales have taken up the challenge and created their own unique versions of the gingerbread house.

But what happens to them when they come down?

The answer is, like so many things Disney, inspired – as each gingerbread display is used to feed the many bees at Disney World’s tree farm! After the season is over, each display is dismantled. The gingerbread itself is removed and the sets are taken to Disney’s tree farm, where the sugar covering them is washed away and used to feed the tree farm’s bees – helping to keep them fat and happy during the winter months. (Well – maybe not fat…but you get the idea.)

And then, to come full circle into spring, those very same bees will pollinate the flowers used in the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. 

Talk about coming full circle in the most beautiful way.

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