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Adults Only Disney: The Edison’s Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Soirée

In September, the Edison rolled out the red carpet for its A Gatsby Evening event, which I raved about at the time. Back then we were hearing that they were considering frequent themed parties of this sort and everyone was extremely excited to hear what would be next – so when the Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Soirée was announced we got our tickets right away – and I’m so glad we did.

At $85 plus fees and taxes the ticket was not surprisingly $10 more than the Gatsby party – but still a great value. The event celebrated the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton’s classic and encouraged guests to dress the part while enjoying a complimentary drink (and others available for purchase), an incredible amount of food, live music, a DJ, dancers, and an aerialist performer.

Truth be told, the Edison is certainly to some extent still feeling out how to approach these events. I will say that they absolutely nailed the food this time, offering out heavy heavy app style foods that were more the sort that the Edison is known for than were at the Gatsby event – massive clotheslines of candied bacon, shrimp, brie with preserves, deviled eggs, chocolate dipped strawberries, fried portabella mushrooms, and lots more.

The music was excellent but not quite as well paced as the music at the Gatsby event, where the evening weaved seamlessly from true 20s music to Postmodern Jukebox-style newer stuff, to full on dance music by the night’s end. That said…we still tore of the dance floor and had a blast. And enjoyed routines from some incredible dancers that towed the line between Disney and Disney after dark. 😉

And lastly, the crowd was significantly younger (and a bit more intoxicated on average) than we saw at the Gatsby event. Overall it was also a bit less crowded too – and I’m fairly certain that this is all in large part because they opted to have the event on the actual evening of Halloween instead of the weekend before or after. Having the event on Halloween – and also on a weeknight – itself made getting out a bit more difficult for the parents among us. Even for us, I’d taken my kids to a truck or treat, a Halloween 5K, a parade, and early trick or treating to fend off the guilt of going out without them late on Halloween night.

All in all this event knocked it out of the park yet again. The Edison is such a beautiful and well assembled space and it’s wonderful to see them experimenting with new ways to offer it to us. And new excuses to get all dolled up in creative digs.

I’m so excited to see what they come up with next. What holiday would you most like to experience in this gorgeous venue??


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