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Disney Tips: How to Max Out on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Let’s start this post by acknowledging the pink elephant in the room: I used to suck at Buzz Lightyear. There’s video footage of me trying very hard and scoring a 1200. And my aim still isn’t that good. But now I know where to shoot to score the 999999. And believe me – if I can do it, so can you.

Room 1

There are no targets in this room, but you can still make good use of it. When the score in your car starts to flash, your laser gun starts to work. Start pulling the trigger and see where your laser point lands to get a feel for it. Also note that you can hold the trigger down and it will shoot continuously. This makes it easier to stay on a target once you’ve hit it. I also find that seeing my light pulse on the wall makes it easier for me to tell which one is mine.

You also might want to take this time to make sure your companion knows you’ll be in charge of the steering. 😉 And if you’re alone, test out both guns to see which is more accurate and then use that one. (And if you max out early, you can switch to the other and try to max out twice!)

Room 2

There are two big targets in this room. The first is the inside of the second (or left) arm of the large orange robot on the left side of the room. Hit this target for 100,000 points.

The second target is the claw overhead at the room’s exit. This will also score you 100,000 points for every hit.

As you exit this room and enter room 2, turn your car around and keep shooting at this claw. It’s better than anything else you’re going to find in the next room.

Room 2

When you can no longer hit the overhead claw in room 1, turn your car around and start firing at the top target on the volcano on the back wall. You’ll see it erupt – and score 25,000 points – every time you hit it. Keep firing at until until you exit this room.

Room 3

Once you’re in room 3, you’ll find the third and final big scoring opportunity. Aim for the very bottom of Zurg’s ship for a big 100,000 points. You’ll want to do this as soon as you see it, and again as you’re exiting the room – as it’s very hard to angle the gun down enough to hit it when you’re right in front of it.

At this point, if you hadn’t already, you should be at Galactic Hero status… grab a picture of your score so you’ll have it to show the cast members in the gift shop after the ride.

Which is good – because that’s pretty much it for the big targets!! I’ve heard people say that you can score another 100,000 if you hit the dark target on the laser projected spaceship that’s bouncing around in the tunnel before the last room, but I have yet to score anything beyond a few 100 points in there – so I don’t believe it.

Final Shooting Room

Nothing huge in here, and you’ll lose control of your ship as you’re automatically put into position to have your picture taken – so sit back, relax, and strike a pose to celebrate your victory.

Or stop to help out anyone else in your car that might need a few extra points. 😉 

And there you have it!! Give Buzz a salute as you exit the last room, check out your ride pictures – and then be sure to stop by the photo desk in the gift shop on the way out. Remember that picture of your 999999 score? Show it to them and they’ll thank you for saving the universe with this sticker that you can wear for the rest of the day to make sure everyone knows what a hero you are….

To infinity…….AND BEYOND!!! Now go save the world, cowboy.

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