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Eat This: Farmer’s Feast at the 2021 Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

Before we dig in, all of the menu boards for Flower & Garden with linked reviews as they become available are right HERE.

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The 2021 Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival runs from now through July 5, 2021 – but not every menu will last that entire time. The Farmer’s Feast Kitchen, located inside World Showplace (the building between the UK and Canada Pavilions), features a rotating menu that will change throughout the Festival. We don’t know how long this first menu will run…so get over there soon if you know you’ll want to try it. (And there’s one item that is NOT to be missed…)

Menu #1 at Farmer’s Feast includes three food items, two savory and one on the sweeter side.


  • Spring Onion Soup served with Crispy Shallots and Micro Chive ($4.75)

This is a lovely creamy soup with a sort of onion chutney atop a crisp wafer at the center. I wouldn’t necessarily book it to this booth for this alone, but it’s certainly tasty and will fit the bill if you have a taste for a hot bowl of soup on a cool night. 

  • Duck Confit served with Carrot Purée, Roasted Root Vegetables, Rainbow Chard, and Duck Jus (gluten/wheat friendly) ($7.25)

The purée and root vegetables were lovely but truth told the duck, at least when I had it, was a bit saltier than I would have liked. But none of that matters because then I tried…

  • Off the “Beet”en Path: Profiteroles with Red Beet Mousse, Golden Beet Pastry Cream, Whipped Goat Cheese Cream, and Candied Walnuts ($5.50)

I know I raved about the options at Sunshine Griddle – but truth told this is right up there with them and might just be my favorite thing so far at the Festival. It’s not the first time I’ve had a dessert that’s centered on beets and goat cheese and the combination is always SO good. This is light and grounded, gently sweet with a hint of the earthiness of the beets and the bite of the whipped goat cheese. One of the most inventive things I’ve eaten at Fresh Epcot and also one of the best. Don’t miss it before it exits stage left for Menu #2 at this kitchen. (And no we don’t know exactly when that will be….) 

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All of the menu boards for Flower & Garden with linked reviews as they become available are right HERE.

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