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JORD Wooden Watches: I’m a Watch Girl Again

Forgetting Sarah Marshall has always been one of our go to movies. There’s an exchange in it between the main character and Paul Rudd’s surfer character where Rudd says he doesn’t even wear a watch anymore…and then goes on to say that his cell phone has a clock, so he doesn’t need it.

It’s one of a thousand funny lines in that movie but I suspect it speaks the truth to most of us these days. With clocks on our every electronic device, the need for a watch kind of falls away. I hadn’t worn one in years – short of my Apple Watch, which was just one more buzzing thing that I could attach to myself to be interrupted dozens of times a day.

Then Jord gifted me my Cora Polaris wooden watch and I fell in love.

JORD (pronounced “yord”) wooden watches are as functional as they are beautiful. And like a perfect set of brows or a long set of lashes, they just make you look effortlessly put together whether you’re in loungewear or a gown. And if you’ve paid close enough attention to my pictures lately, you’ve probably noticed it making its way into its fair share of pictures.

All of the JORD watches are special but my Cora Polaris in turquoise and zebrawood just spoke to me. It’s so subtly feminine. The turquoise dial is such a lovely shade (tell me this isn’t begging for a Jasmine bound) – and is adorned in Swarovski crystals in the shape of the Little Dipper. A crystal at 12 o’clock symbolizes Polaris and guides me through my day like a wish upon the North Star.

And the band just sets the watch apart. It’s made of zebrawood, which is native to West Africa and has a gorgeous grain that contrasts so beautifully against the polished metal finish around it.

And there’s the story of how this tech nut became a watch girl again.

I would absolutely love for you to have a JORD watch of your own. Visit this link for a chance to win $100 off a watch of your choice. And even if you aren’t the winner, all other entrants will receive 10% off any JORD watch.

Watch my Instagram account for more ways to style your JORD watch – including a little surprise on Dapper Day!!



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