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Eat This: Canada’s Yukon Holiday Kitchen at the Epcot International Festival of the Holidays

After the disappointment of the Feast of the Three Kings booth at Epcot’s International Festival of the Holidays, I am so, so happy to bring you my next few rave reviews – the first of which is Canada’s Yukon Holiday Kitchen.

In all honesty I’m never totally wowed by Canada’s festival booths, but the Yukon Holiday Kitchen this season changed that completely – it absolutely blew it out of the water and left me wanting more.

You’ll find the Yukon Holiday Kitchen outside of the Canada pavilion in World Showcase. They offer three food items (in addition to a cookie stroll cookie) – two savory, one sweet – along with a number of drink options. I skipped the ice wine flight today but would love to try it, as I’m always a huge fan of good ice wines.

  • Seared Salmon with Crown Maple Whisky Glaze, Parsnip Silk, Apple Chutney and Hazelnut Croquant ($5.75)

I’m going to say it: This is THE best salmon I’ve ever had at Epcot. It’s wonderful. The fish is perfectly seared and it sits on this beautiful bed of silky parsnip purée with sweet maple whiskey glaze and apple chutney and crisp hazelnut crumbles. The sweetness of the maple whiskey glaze and apple chutney are so interesting and delicious against the salmon and the crisp hazelnut is great against the silky parsnip purée. I often just taste the things I’m reviewing but I finished this and wanted to lick the plate clean. I will absolutely be getting it again.

  • Traditional French Canadian Tourtiere with Canadian Ketchup (Kid-Approved) ($5.25)


Speaking of wonderful – this tourtiere (which is a sort of meat pie) is full of hearty meat and nuts with holiday spices. The whole thing is wrapped in warm flaky dough and sits beside a hearty ketchup for dipping. At $5.25 it’s yet another great value at the Festival of the Holidays. Another great option.

  • Maple Bûche de Noël: Maple Mousse rolled in Gingerbread Chiffon Cake with Cranberry Sauce and Pecan Crumble (Vegetarian, Kid-Approved) ($4.50)

This might be the best dessert I’ve had so far at the Festival of the Holidays. The gingerbread sponge cake is so beautifully light and fluffy. The maple mousse is light and creamy. The cranberry sauce drizzle is just omg-level perfection. And the pecan crumble adds just enough interest to keep this from being overly soft. I cannot recommend this enough and thought the $4.50 price tag was more than reasonable.

I will without question be back – for food AND ice wine next time!! But for now? Yukon Holiday Kitchen? Check!





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