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Eat This: Taste of Marrakesh at the 2021 Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

Before we dig in, all of the menu boards for Flower & Garden with linked reviews as they become available are right HERE.

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I’ve encountered one booth so far that might as a whole have Sunshine Griddle beat…and that’s Morocco’s Taste of Marrakesh. Which I’d prefer on a given day is really just about what I happen to be craving. 

Taste of Marrakesh is located outside of the Morocco Pavilion and features three food items – two savory and one sweet, as well a sangria, a pink hibiscus orange wheat beer, and a pineapple and pear hard cider. All of the food items are brand new to the festival and one is better than the next.

  • Moroccan Seafood Couscous with Shrimp, Mussels, Olives, Preserved Lemons, and Anchovy Breadcrumbs ($7.25)

This is wonderful. Huge, perfect mussels and shrimp bedded in couscous and bursting with flavor. If you are put off by the anchovy in the description definitely don’t be. I’m an adventurous eater and certainly not bothered by them but I wouldn’t have known the flavor was there if not for the description. This is just a gorgeous, perfectly spiced and hearty dish that’s an easy bargain a $7.25.

  • Shakshuka: Moroccan Baked Eggs in a Spiced Eggplant and Tomato Stew (gluten/wheat-friendly, $5.50)

This is one of the loveliest things I’ve had at the festival. Beautifully spiced eggplant and tomato stew topped with a poached egg and edible flowers and a side of pita. It’s not a huge dish but for the quality I couldn’t believe it was only $5.50. Don’t miss this.

  • Lemon Magdalena Cake served with Fig Compote and Sangria Gel (plant-based, $4.75)

This is hands down the BEST dessert I’ve had at Flower & Garden. Dense, moist lemon cake piled high with a massive amount of fig compote that’s more sweet chopped figs than fig preserves – all sitting in a streak of sangria. Beyond delicious and a steal at $4.75. Again, don’t miss it.

Is Morocco on YOUR short list this year??

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All of the menu boards for Flower & Garden with linked reviews as they become available are right HERE.

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