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Everglazed Opens in Disney Springs – And Has One of the Best Sandwiches On Property

As if sensing the needs of carb loading virtual runDisney marathoners everywhere, Everglazed has opened its doors in Disney Springs. You’ll find it just outside the second/side entrance to the Orange Garage, near AMC and Splitsville.

The menu is loaded with Instagram eye candy – over the top cold brews and donuts…not to mention some killer savory items.

Along with an assortment of more classic donut fare, you’ll find over the top items like the Nutella Bella, a Nutella crème-filled, chocolate iced donut topped with crushed hazelnuts, the Maple Double Bacon, a maple iced donut topped with crisp bacon, and the Peanut Butter Explosion, a chocolate iced donut with peanut butter chips crushed Reese’s Cups, and chocolate peanut butter frosting.

These are all really, REALLY huge and rich/sweet and could easily each be shared among a family of 4 or more. A little much for my taste buds…but if this kind of thing is up your alley, you’ll enjoy it.

They also have some more cake-like donuts, like the vanilla cake, blueberry cake, and purple glazed ube (ube is a purple sweet potato) that are more my speed.

The apple fritter is also pretty amazing and might actually be my favorite among the sweet items.

On the flip side of the menu you’ll find cold brew & coffee, some IG-worthy donut topped cold brews, spiked coffees, and other drinks….

But surprisingly the real gems at Everglazed are the savory items – from burgers to eggs & cheese to grilled cheese, each on a sweet bun or, for $1 more, a griddled glazed donut. But the absolute standout here is The Funky Chicken – fried chicken, ranch slaw, BBQ, spicy mayo and bread & butter pickles. I’m not exaggerating when I say it blew my mind and instantly skyrocketed easily into my top 5 sandwiches on property – not to mention one of the absolute best fried chicken sandwiches I have ever had.

This place just opened its doors and is firmly in that period where you have to cut a place some slack while they work out the kinks, but I didn’t see a thing that needed working out today. I’m incredibly excited for this addition to Disney Springs – especially the new savory options – and will definitely be heading back more often than I’d like to admit.

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