In Disney

One year…

One year ago today we were leaving Magic Kingdom for the last time – for what we thought might be a few weeks. We were listening to rumblings about CDC warnings against group gatherings. About what was happening in faraway parts of the world. We were hugging sobbing College Program students and each other. We didn’t know what was coming except that it was something entirely foreign. ⁣

⁣In the months since we’ve ordered carryout to support local businesses. We’ve searched for toilet paper. We’ve gone from sewing our own masks to having drawers full of them.

We’ve searched for signs like windows lit in heart shapes that the things we love are still out there waiting for us.

We’ve learned a new normal while tiptoeing around that phrase for fear it might be true.⁣

⁣We’ve come up with new ways to support our families and pulled all nighters working on new businesses. We’ve watched Tiger King and The Crown and Bridgerton and WandaVision. We’ve tried to make good decisions for ourselves and our kids. But most of all, we’ve just been our usual incredible adaptable selves – marching through every day of this unknown like the bad asses we are.

I have faith that one day this will all be ancient history – but if I had to go through it I’m glad to have done it with all of you.

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