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Perfect Runners Get Early Wine & Dine Registration

Great news for stressed out perfect runners of any runDisney race….a promising precedent has been set for you with this newly announced (and already implemented!) approach to 2021 Disney Wine & Dine race weekend. Perfect runners (meaning runners who have completed certain longstanding runDisney races or challenges every year since they began) of Wine & Dine weekend’s various races were given a link for early access registration. 

A copy of one of the emails is below:

Runners were able to register early for *only* the race(s) or challenge for which they had perfect status.

Hopefully this will continue into runDisney’s Marathon Weekend. I know a lot of very nervous perfect Dopey’s and Goofy’s – and as some of runDisney’s most longstanding and loyal runners they deserve to keep those streaks going as long as they want without worrying about access.

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You can find my complete guide to making the most of your runDisney race weekend RIGHT HERE. And while those are on hold, you can find my guide to running trails on Disney World property RIGHT HERE.

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