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The Fireworks

I was feeling a little off tonight. Nothing devastating. Just not a great night for a handful of little reasons. I came home and put on my pajamas. Brushed my teeth. Got the kids settled. And in the thick of it, walked past my bedroom window and saw the most beautiful, enormous, rainbow firework in the sky above Magic Kingdom.

Don’t get me wrong. Fireworks out your bedroom window aren’t going to solve your problems. If you have issues in your world, uprooting them and moving to Disney World isn’t going to make them go away. (In fact, if anything, you’ll find yourself feeling crazy for having a bad day in the happiest place on earth.)

Nor is Walt Disney World 1000% perfect at every moment. The people within its gates are human. There are exhausted parents and crying children and overpriced tchotchkes and 1000 moments that don’t go as planned – but at 10,000 feet this place is magic. At 10,000 feet it takes your breath away. To be feeling down and look out the window and see the burst of a massive firework and know that just a mile or so away 10s of thousands of people are standing on a street looking into the sky and having their breath taken away, surrounded by their families….

It doesn’t solve your problems, living here. Characters and pyrotechnics don’t obliterate reality when reality isn’t quite right.

But they are lovely. And being this close to people making memories that will last a lifetime each and every day is lovely too. And grounding. And I’m grateful for it.

xo, L

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