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Disney Running Trails: Running at Disney’s Caribbean Beach and Riviera Resorts

Today we head over to Disney’s Caribbean Beach and Riviera Resort for a surprisingly great run!!

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  • Location: Around the water at Disney’s Caribbean Beach and Riviera Resorts.
  • Distance: About 2.2 miles.

Start at Disney’s Riviera Resort near the mosaics and make your way past the Skyliner and over to Disney’s Caribbean Beach resort, following the waterline as you go. You can tack on a bit of extra mileage by weaving through the Caribbean Cay area if it is open – just make sure you exit where you entered or you’ll end up on the other side of the water and will have cut off a substantial part of the run.

Once you get to the Caribbean Resort’s Skyliner station at the far side of the waterway, cross to the other side of the street and across the bridge to the Trinidad area for extra mileage. (At one point here you will actually be able to see the Little Mermaid area of Art of Animation past the Skyliner and beyond the trees!!)  At the bottom of the Trinadad path you’ll hit a dead end where there is parking. You can turn around there and head back through the middle of the buildings, reconnecting with your original path. Then you’ll take the underpass back to the main waterway.

Note: The path through the Trinidad area does require some bobbing and weaving. I actually cut through the pathway at building 34 to get back to my original trail. Don’t stress the exact route. The idea here is just to add some substantial distance to the normal resort trail.

You’ll then continue along on the other side of the main body of water starting in the Barbados area at around buildings 32 and 33.

When you reach the main pool go to the left on the clearly marked pathway to Old Port Royale. You will pass the other side of the entrance to the Caribbean Cay walkway area as you do this as well as Sebastian’s restaurant.

After you reach building 24 in the Aruba area of Caribbean Beach, you’ll round the very tip of the water way, past the covered cabana beach area of Riviera, and back to the Riviera building.

When you get to Riviera‘s pool stay to the left on the path along the water to return to the mosaics and close out your run properly.

Other than adding the Trinidad area and Caribbean Cay, this path actually follows the resorts’ set running trail pretty closely.

  • Pro Hack: As always, bring your own water on this trail because you won’t find much along the way on the path itself and you’re generally in full sun if it’s daylight outside. 

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You can find a compilation of these guides for each of Walt Disney World’s resorts RIGHT HERE. My complete guide to Disney’s Fun Runs is at THIS LINK and my complete guide to making the most of your runDisney race weekend is RIGHT HERE.

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