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WandaVision: For the Children

I’ve gone into depth on WandaVision’s episode 5 already – but after sitting on this episode for a day or so I can’t help thinking…

If there are really no children in Westview, like Vision seems to realize toward the end of the episode… whether because they were unnecessary to whatever is happening or just something you “can’t control” (remember Agnes saying that??) enough to mind control like the adults…

Remember the “for the children” episode that ended in Wanda’s conjuring up a pregnancy?

Who was that talent show for? We’ve suspected all along that that entire thing was orchestrated to put the thought of kids into Wanda’s mind…but this makes it all the more obvious that someone is manipulating her and that the end game is the twins. Because there were literally no other children for the show to benefit. And who does this put in the ultimate villain crosshairs more the Dottie? The player whom Agnes tells Wanda “runs the town” and who has yet to be identified by the agents outside the bubble.

“How does a housewife get a bloodstain out of white linen? By doing it herself.”

Lagos…for when you make a mess you didn’t mean to…

I swear…I don’t know what I’m going to think about when all of this ends.

But for now I’ll keep turning every possible theory over in my mind. After all…the devil is in the details. But that’s not the only place he is.

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