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2024 Disney Princess 10K Recap: runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend

Two races down, one to go! If you’re running any of the races this weekend, definitely make use of the full guide that I put together earlier this week. But we’re 9.3 miles into the weekend at this point, so let’s regroup before the last 13.1.


2024 Disney Princess 10K Course Map

This course was so much fun. When I first saw it on paper, the road time seemed like it would be rough—but there was so much going on on the course that the first 3 miles flew by, and then it was nonstop with back to back Hollywood Studios, Boardwalk, and EPCOT to the finish.

One thing I’ve noticed, the 5Ks through the new World Celebration area in EPCOT tend to loop up and around the new Walt Statue and so offer the Walt PhotoPass stop. The other races stay along the right side of that area and out of the park to the finish, so if you want the Walt shot, grab it at the 5K. (As always, just an educated guess, but it’s better than not knowing anything about how they’ve at least done it so far.)

PhotoPass with Walt from yesterday’s 5K

Arrival; Pre-Race Meet & Greets

Like I mentioned in the 5K recap yesterday, I wasn’t going to run to the staging area quite as early today. I got all of the pre-race character pictures at the 5K and expected them to be the same for the rest of the weekend. That panned out — I got there closer to 3:15 and, while there was definitely more traffic and more of a crowd getting in, I wasn’t in a rush to beat the lines. The character meet & greets were the same as yesterday.

I honestly don’t mind that they aren’t changing—it takes the pressure off getting out the door at 2:45 a.m. every morning and everyone has the opportunity to get everyone, no matter what they’re running. I’m sure lines were shorter for all of the new runners today since so many of us had done the meet and greets yesterday.

I figured I’d rather have my Rapunzel and Flynn (j/k Eugene) picture with my medal anyway, since they were today’s theme and medal—so I held off until after for them.

And I ended up grabbing everyone but Ariel again after the race anyway, since there wasn’t much of a line and I wanted to wait around for a bit to see a friend after she finished.


Today was definitely warmer! We had some rain last night and while it was long gone by 3:00 a.m. it must have left some warmer temperatures behind. Yesterday was upper forties and creeping into the low 50s. Today was about 10 degrees warmer around the upper 50s and low 60s.

It looks like tomorrow will be closer to yesterday’s chilly air, so I’ll plan again to do gEAR Check so that I have something to throw on if I want to hang out for awhile after we finish.


Like yesterday, they seemed to be spacing things out well. The weather is largely to thank for that — when there are storms or extreme temperatures rolling in, they have to push us out a little faster so that everyone has the chance to finish. Weekends like this, though, they can space us out more and it makes for a much more open course.

If you are running tomorrow and are again in a later corral, I’d keep at least a mylar blanket with you to stay warm before we start if you tend to get cold.  Or you can try to score our favorite $3 Walmart blanket—though they’re selling out fast in the area because of us. (Not sponsored— I wish it was! Lol)


In addition to the theme/medal characters in the pre-race staging area, there were 10 character stops on the course:

  • Mulan
  • Moana
  • Pocahantas
  • Belle
  • The Evil Queen
  • Merida
  • Lady Tremaine, Anastasia & Drizella
  • Asha
  • Mirabel
  • Prince Mickey

There were also PhotoPass staffed photo ops with Spaceship Earth in the Background and in front of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Note again that the 5Ks, because of their courses through EPCOT, seem to be the ones that are offering PhotoPass with the new Walt statue.


The medals were themed to Rapunzel’s Tangled Up 10K. Like yesterday, we got them after the bend and the water and Powerade stations, which seems like a good change to keep the crowds in the chute moving, though I do miss getting them right at the finish line.

* * * * * * *

I’ll be at the half marathon as well, so stand by for coverage of that final race of the weekend and, in the meantime, if you are running, here is the full guide from earlier in the week.

If you’re considering checking a bag, especially given the colder temps, you can find find a guide to gEAR Check and what to bring right here.

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Planning a run while you’re here? You can find my complete guide to running trails on Walt Disney World property right here.

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When I’m not running races I’m running around with a camera! If you’re missing this Home (or love someone who is) and are looking for a way to bring the magic to your own home, I’d love for you to check out my photography prints over at Thousand Circles Images.

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