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Listen to this: My Interview with Detour to Neverland

If you’ve ever been interested in my story – or ever considered taking charge of your own fulfillment, I urge you to listen to this show. And don’t miss what we discuss at the 23 minute mark.

Brendan & Katherine from Detour to Neverland guided the conversation so beautifully, and we connected so well, that I’ve just listened to the entire episode myself and I am THRILLED to share it with you. From the backstory behind where I am today, to the meaning of fulfillment, to keeping sight of the why driving your own journey, to the challenge of proactively taking charge of your own happiness, we cover it all – and somehow manage to talk Disney snacks and margaritas along the way too.

The resulting show is something that I am eternally grateful to Brendan & Katherine from Detour to Neverland for and incredibly excited to share with each of you.

You can find it at this link.

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