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Magic Shots and Other PhotoPass Pictures Now Available at Epcot

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Disney Parks Blog recently did a post on their top ten Magic Shot opportunities at Epcot – so when I stepped into the park I planned to grab all of these and more.

As with any Magic Shot post (or other information on Disney, for that matter) they are always coming up with new ideas, phasing out older things, and moving things around – and PhotoPass photographers also move around and don’t work 24/7 – so be flexible going in and use these posts as guidelines and encouragement to find new shots of your own in the parks!!

Main Park Entrance

One of my all time favorites is definitely this thoughtful Figment shot, available at the main park entrance and also throughout Future World.

As also, at least while the Flower & Garden Festival is happening, these lovely butterflies that we’ve also seen at Animal Kingdom.

And occasionally this sweet Minnie picture will pop up…

As well as some fun signs – like this one from PhotoPass Day last year:

Future World

If you’re in Future World, at least before the end of the Flower and Garden Festival, make sure to grab this Orange Bird Magic Shot

Then make your way over to World Showcase where the real fun starts…

World Showcase

At various spots around World Showcase, you might be able to grab this second Figment shot…

In fact, this particular spot – which is on the bridge from the UK pavilion to France, tends to be a great spot for all kinds of Magic. You might find a classic Tink shot….

Remy or Chip (also sometimes available in France) or Pascal (also sometimes available in Germany)…

Or a sign or frame for whatever special event is happening at Epcot that day….

These are especially fun when you have a PhotoPass photographer that likes to get creative…

And if it’s a holiday, make sure to ask if they have anything special for it!! This Chip and Dale shot from last Christmas was so sweet…

France Pavilion

Then make your way over to France, where you can get some lovely shots in front of the fountain – as well as the Chip shot and this lovely set of Tink’s Fairy Wings:

Morocco Pavilion

And then on to Morocco, where you’ll find some special treats in honor of the live action Aladdin movie, including Iago

And the Magic Lamp!!

Plain shots here are also lovely simply because the pavilion itself is so stunning…

But if you’re lucky enough to be around after dark, you’ll have the opportunity for some gorgeous glowing lantern pictures. (At least during Flower and Garden, versions of the glowing lantern are available for pictures at times at the Morocco, China, and UK pavilions.)

Italy Pavilion

And then Italy!! The bridge area near World Showcase Lagoon in Italy is full of beautiful photo opportunities…

As well as perhaps my favorite new Magic Shot – Figaro!!!


In Germany, you’ll perhaps find another chance at the Pascal Magic Shot… 

China Pavilion

In the China pavilion, you’ll sometimes find a photographer that can do a Mushu Magic Shot. I haven’t stumbled on him or her yet, so here’s the image from Disney Parks Blog for now for reference:

Norway Pavilion

Then be sure to stop by the Norway pavilion for a burst of cold air and a warm hug with this Olaf Magic Shot.

World Showcase Generally

Also keep in mind as you’re traveling around World Showcase – many PhotoPass photographers have country specific postcard Magic Shots and other props. So if a specific country is special to you, you can show it!!

* * * * * * * *

That’s a wrap for Epcot!! Now get out there and hunt down some great photos!! You never know what you’re going to find!!

You can find my other Disney Park PhotoPass and Magic Shot guides at these links:






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