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Magic Shots and Other PhotoPass Pictures Now Available at the Magic Kingdom

I’ve done guides to PhotoPass Magic Shots for every other park at Walt Disney World…and you can find them at these links:

But the guide for Magic Kingdom was a bit more overwhelming to put together for all of the best reasons. There are just SO many of them!! 

The photo opportunities in the park are everywhere.

From the rides…

Space Mountain

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Haunted Mansion

Splash Mountain

Pirates of the Caribbean

To the holiday and special event pictures

Like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party


And Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Or all of the magic during Villains After Hours

But even when you’re not on a ride or at a special event, the PhotoPass photographers are just about everywhere in the Magic Kingdom if you stop to look for them!!

Full Location Guide


The space outside the train station can turn up some special magic even when you aren’t at a special event. And it’s such a wide open area with no crowds behind you. Definitely worth a quick stop as you head into or out of the park.

Just Inside by the Flagpole

This tends to be a spot made magical more by the setting, the characters, and one very special bench than any additions by PhotoPass after the fact. Especially with the Long Lost Friends meet and greets happening there this summer, you really don’t know whom you might find.

Main Street, U.S.A.

And then?? We hit Main Street proper. And it’s hard to think of a better spot at Disney to capture the magic.

One of our all time favorites is the classic balloons Magic Shot…which you can have some serious fun with if you get a creative photographer that doesn’t have a terribly long line…

And this Mickey Bar shot is too cute.

And then, of course, there’s the classic Tinkerbell Magic Shot.

We have so many of this particular Magic Shot that I think you can watch my kids grow up through it. 

The Hub

As you come closer to the Hub, you’ll find such a variety of PhotoPass Magic shots depending on the day and the photographer.

Like this Olaf shot that will have you shivering even when it’s 100 degrees out…

Or this bit of love with frog prince Naveen

And, of course, this super zoom video at the East Plaza Garden in front of Cinderella Castle. You’ll be told to stand still for several seconds as a camera mounted on top of The Plaza Restaurant zooms in and out, capturing you and the scene around you.


We grabbed this Stitch shot while we were at Typhoon Lagoon – but it’s also sometimes available on the bridge to Tomorrowland.


Then float on over to Fantasyland, where you can finally get your own Tink wings.

And then wander over to Journey of the Little Mermaid, where you can get some gorgeous pictures – and maybe a visit from Sebastian


And then on to the area near Be Our Guest, where you just might meet up with Lumiere

But above all, keep your eyes open for PhotoPass photographers offering lantern pictures after dark – because there are few pictures on property that promise such stunning results.

Liberty Square

The PhotoPass opportunities around the Haunted Mansion during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party tend to be incredible – but look for the PhotoPass photographer that sometimes stands inside the Haunted Mansion queue in the exit area at any time of year and you just might capture footage of some guests that you didn’t know were there!!


PhotoPass photographers in Frontierland can be rare – but keep your eyes peeled. We found a photographer near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’s exit recently and that backdrop really cannot be beat.

She even gave us a little visit by Pascal, who is available throughout the park with certain photographers.

But my all time favorite? This amazing video with Woody and Jessie in honor of Toy Story 4!!!


Adventureland is wonderful because it’s loaded with gorgeous backdrops.

But keep your eyes open for PhotoPass photographers, because you never know what sort of magic you’ll find. Like this Magic Lamp shot that was available just in time for the new live action Aladdin!!

* * * * * * * * *

And that’s a wrap, my friends!! What’s YOUR favorite PhotoPass opportunity in the Magic Kingdom?

* * * * * * * * *

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