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Disney Running Trails: Running at (and Remembering) Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside & French Quarter

Today we’ll virtually head over to Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside & French Quarter for a run. These resorts may still be shuttered, but happily I mapped this course long before any of this started, so we’re free to enjoy it from afar while we await their reopening.  

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Need more? You can find my complete Walt Disney World running trail guide RIGHT HERE.

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  • Location: Along the winding path around the water from Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside to Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter and back.
  • Distance: Around 2 miles.

If you’ve ever done the Beignet Dash at Port Orleans (when they were still doing the fun runs) you’ll be familiar with this path. You’ll add some mileage by first heading as far as you can to the right (from the above pictured gator sculptures) at French Quarter and then heading back. Then pick up the familiar route by continuing along the water at French Quarter, then looping around the water (crossing the bridge and using the underpass walkway below it) around Riverside, before turning back up the same pathway on the French Quarter Side. 

This gets you a bit more distance than you would otherwise get on the usual running path.

This trail is like everything that’s great about the trail at Coronado but with more mileage. It’s wide open and scenic and very easy to repeat multiple times without things starting to feel dull or closed in.

  • Pro Hack:  Absolutely do not leave without rewarding your run with some beignets from Sassagoula Floatwork & Food Factory in the French Quarter!!


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You can find a compilation of these guides for each of Walt Disney World’s resorts RIGHT HERE. My complete guide to Disney’s Fun Runs is at THIS LINK and my complete guide to making the most of your runDisney race weekend is RIGHT HERE.

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