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10 Ways to Use Your Core Memory Fragrance Oils

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One of the simplest ways to bring the smells of Walt Disney World into your home is with a bottle of fragrance oil. It's the same oil that's hand blended into our creamy candle wax – but bottled for you to use in countless ways. Here are just a handful of ideas for bringing the magic home with nothing more than a 10 mL bottle of scented oil. (And yes – you read right – you get 10 mL when you buy from Core Memory…just about double what you get from many other companies…) 

To bring Core Memory's fragrance oils home, select the fragrance oil option under any individual scent or shop from the full list RIGHT HERE. For the full scent guide, look RIGHT HERE.

1. In your Diffuser

Perhaps the best known use for fragrance oils is to put a few drops into your favorite diffuser. Then let the smell permeate the air. Like wax melts, this is a great way to fill a room with scent without involving a flame.

2. In Small Spaces

And if you're working with a small space, the options are even more limitless!! Put a few drops of your favorite oil on a cotton ball and tuck it into a drawer. Slip it under the seat of your car. Tuck it away in a walk in closet. This is a great way to fill a smaller space with scent.

3. In the Laundry

This is one of my absolute favorite uses for scents like Riviera and Ocean Flight. For the wash, add several drops of fragrance oil to your washing machine, after the water is filled, or put a few drops on a microfiber cloth and add it to the load. In the dryer, sprinkle a few drops on a dryer ball or, if you don't have one, a microfiber cloth and toss it in with your clothes.

4. In the Bath

There's nothing like easing into a hot bath that's scented with Showered or Orange Grove or any of your other favorites. Sprinkle a few drops into the hot water or, for an added treat and some extra love for your muscles, mix 2-4 drops with a cup of unscented Epsom salts and set it aside for when you need them. I always do this before a race weekend and am so excited to remember that they are waiting for me after the run. Epsom salts in your bath are an amazing way to recover between races if you're doing a challenge weekend!

5. For Your Carpets

If you have pets or small children (or just live in your house on the regular), you're probably no stranger to carpet cleaning. You can add several drops of fragrance oil to a regular box of baking soda and mix it up well. Let this mixture dry for a day or more, then sprinkle it onto your carpet, let it sit for 30-60 minutes, and then vacuum it up. Voilà!!

6. In Your Vacuum

Add a few drops of oil to a cotton ball and place it into the clean canister (or fresh vacuum cleaner bag) of your vacuum cleaner – or, if your vacuum has a washable filter, add a drop or two there filter. As you vacuum, the scent will fill the air. 

7. In Room Spray

Need another option for your home? You can make a simple room spray by mixing several drops of fragrance oil into a spray bottle of water. Shake it well and mist it around the room to freshen things up. (Here and anywhere else, I'd do a bit of a test run before spraying on the visible portion of fabrics just to play it safe. I've never had an issue but better safe than sorry!!) 

8. On Your Heating Vents

Perhaps my favorite cold weather use and one of the simplest of all. Growing up and in college, we always used to put dryer sheets over the heat vents to make the room smell good and this is just a leveled up and custom version of that!! I place a few drops of oil onto wooden clothespins and clip them to the underside of my vents. The porous wood holds the oil and the air carries the scent into the room as it passes by. You can also just lay a light cloth or unscented dryer sheet sprinkled with oil over your vents for a similar effect. I've even added a few drops to my overhead vent filters when I'm changing them out and let the scent dissipate that way. 

9. To Store Your Linens

Sprinkle a few drops on a paper towel and place them between your stored linens. They smell amazing when it's time to take them out!!

10. Just open them up and breathe.

All tricks aside, this is my favorite thing. Sometimes in a stressful moment I just need to breathe something familiar to recenter myself. For me, that familiar scent is Ocean Flight – it takes me back to the Contemporary Lobby, Bay Lake Tower, Yacht & Beach Club, Soarin' over Fiji, and the water of Flight of Passage. It's so ingrained in my mind that no matter where I am I can open my little bottle of oil and breathe and I'm instantly in a better place. Whatever scent does that for you, carry it with you always.

Where to Find Core Memory's Fragrance Oils

To bring Core Memory's fragrance oils home, select the fragrance oil option under any individual scent or shop from the full list RIGHT HERE. For the full scent guide, look RIGHT HERE.

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