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Your Disney World Vacation & Your Kids

While we’re on the topic of relaxing and taking a moment to breathe, I wanted to take a moment to share a story about my 8 year old son that happened a week or so ago.

We were heading over to Epcot after school and I’d promised them a few fun things – including their favorite, some time in the DVC lounge. The DVC lounge is a quiet space above the Imagination pavilion where members of the Disney Vacation Club and their guests can go to relax during their time at Epcot.

I’ve always assumed that they loved the DVC lounge because they had snacks and design-your-own-drink machines and video games and cartoons. Not to mention air conditioning. But that day, as we were walking into Epcot, my 8 year old, Maddox, asked me if I knew why he loved it so much.

I gave what I’d always assumed to be the answer: “Because they have cookies and video games and it’s one of the only places that mommy will let you have soda?”

Maddox laughed and said he guessed that was cool too – “but I really just like it because it’s quiet there and we can just focus on each other.”

So listen to me…I know Disney trips can be once in a lifetime. I know you’re working hard for that Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FastPass and reservation at Be Our Guest. I know you want to pack it all in and I don’t blame you one little bit. But remember, if you ever ever ever start to stress not getting a certain attraction or reservation in – what your kids are going to bring home, whether you’re traveling from around the world or 15 minutes away, is getting some actual time with you. So stop worrying and let yourself enjoy every minute of that as much as they do.


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