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Disney Running Trails: Old Key West and the Saratoga Nature Trail

If you’ve ever been to Disney’s Old Key West – the original Disney Vacation Club Resort (and once known by only that name) – it won’t be any surprise that you can get some decent mileage in there. But did you know that it links up with yet another sprawling resort to make for one of the longest trails on property? 

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Need more? You can find my complete Walt Disney World running trail guide RIGHT HERE.

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  • Location: Starting at Old Key West’s Hospitality House and down the main drag, past the pool and down and around the Turtle Pond area – then back to your starting point and beyond to the preferred villas area.
  • Distance: About 2.2 miles at just this resort. But you can add the Saratoga Springs Nature Trail, which is about .7 miles one way, and then tag on a run at Saratoga Springs – which all in all, out and back, will easily get you more than 5 miles without any repetition – and far more if you want to meander a bit more.

You’ll start at the front of the Hospitality House and run through toward the back. Turn right at the DVC Ferry signage and then a quick left to cross over the bridge. Continue along the main drag until you get to Turtle Pond, where you’ll turn left and follow the path on a loop that will bring you back where you started.

There are a lot of trails on Old Key West’s property, so if you get confused keep in mind that the regular sidewalks and red paved walkways tend to me for pedestrian traffic and runners, while the black paved bits are generally for golf carts.

While this is great mileage for a resort in and of itself, if you are looking for a longer run or walk head over to the South Point area of Old Key West – which you’ll hit if you stay straight instead of turning right at Turtle Pond (or catch it on the way back). In that area, sort of behind the quiet pool, you’ll find signs for the Saratoga Springs Nature Trail (also marked as the Conch Flats Trail – don’t know if they’re technically different but the signs are in the same place).

Note that it is only open during daylight hours.

This is effectively a path along the waterway that will take you to Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa. Follow the signs to stay on the walkway and out of the way of the golf course and golf carts and after about 0.7 miles you’ll come out near The Turf Club Bar & Grill at Saratoga Springs. 

You’ll cross this bridge (not the first one that’s clearly marked as being only for golfers) to get to Saratoga:

And keep your eyes open along the way!!! There are some awesome birdhouses and some cool facts to learn about the purple marlins that live in them.

If you are looking for some peace and quiet, this really is a wonderful path. But if you don’t feel comfortable alone, bring a friend for this run, as you really do feel pretty isolated out on the water.

It’s honestly about as pleasantly alone as I’ve ever felt on Disney property. And really made me miss the old path between Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge.

So that’s a wrap for today!! Where should we run next??

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You can find a compilation of these guides for each of Walt Disney World’s resorts RIGHT HERE. My complete guide to Disney’s Fun Runs is at THIS LINK and my complete guide to making the most of your runDisney race weekend is RIGHT HERE.

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